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Bijuteria Blest PULSEIRA MINT M28 Mint

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Blest. bracelet
with mini St. Christopher/Spirit charm. Define your style with the customised elastic bracelet,to compliment your mood and look. Choose a vibrant color combination of your medallion and elasticated band, that is adjustable to perfectly fit the wrist. Easy to put on and take off, allowing you to create the Blest. style of your own. Silver plated, waterproof and anti-allergic.

Our tip:

Be playful, swap the medallions from your Blest. necklace and bracelet to create multiple styles.

Size of the bracelet:

Measure your wrist and order exactly the same length of the bracelet. Bracelet is elastic.

19,99 €
Bijuteria Blest PULSEIRA MINT M28 Mint 2017::17P
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