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Lentes Black Eye TELE 3X Black

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Perfect design and image clarity together with 3X optical magnification. Make your object pop out with shallower depth of field. Black Eye - Tele 3X for sharper and more detailed photography. Black Eye - Tele 3X lens with Clipper attachment system, specially designed to fit most smartphones on the planet.


Product features
39° Angle of view.
60mm equivalent in 35mm format.
High quality double coated glass to produce natural colours and to prevent unwanted reflections.
Shallower depth of field - Make your subject pop out
Great for portraits, action sports, Nature photography etc.
Get 3 times closer to your subject
No image distortion - Image corners doe not "bend" in pictures
Package size: W11cm x H16cm x D4,5cm

83,99 €
83,99 €
Lentes Black Eye TELE 3X Black 2016::16O
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