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Prancha Surf Chilli RARE BIRD Round Tail - Color

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Birds Eye, Toucan now welcome the Rare Bird! After years of building the Birds Eye and Toucan models for all types of waves and surfers comes the Rare Bird. It features the rocker and bottom from the Toucan. Single concave from the front foot back to a double concave and slight vee out through the back fin for easy transition. Wide point a little forward in this board allows a really nice rail line that creates drive. Combining that with a medium rail and pulled in thumb tail this board screams versatility. Quin fin setup has proven a huge plus with this model allowing it to perform in small stuff right up to head high barrels. We basically built this board from Mitch Coleborn?s favourite Toucan in which he rode in a 5?4 with a 5?6 width and thickness. To break that down we suggest dropping 1 - 2 inches from the Toucan or 4-5 inches from your shortboard.

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Preço Especial: 476,00 €

Prancha Chilli RARE BIRD Round Tail - Color 2016::16P
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