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Prancha Surf JS BLAK BOX 2 Round Tail - Color

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BLAK BOX 2 round tail has all the same legendary elements that make up the original Squash Tail as well as some added versatility through an alternative tail shape and 5 fin set-up. BB2 squash already exceeded peoples expectations in a wide range of conditions some times pushing people to surf it beyond its intended use. For this reason we wanted to expand these limits. Round tails offer ?all-round? performance in the pocket or tighter part of the wave. Set up as a quad you?ll get projection down steeper, faster waves, around a mushy close out section or extra hold in the tube with more speed and manoeuverability than you ever felt before.


ADRIAN BUCHAN (AB) // Height: 5?9 (175 cm) // Weight: 76 kg - 165 lbs
DUSTY PAYNE (DP) // Height: 5?10 (178 cm) // Weight: 80 kg - 176 lbs
JULIAN WILSON (JW) Height: 6?0? (183 cm) // // Weight: 80 kg - 176 lbs
JOEL PARKINSON (JP) // Height: 6?0? (183 cm) // Weight: 83 kg - 184 lbs
OWEN WRIGHT(OW) // Height: 6?3 (190 cm) // Weight: 86 kg - 181 lbs
MARK OCCHILUPO (OC) // Height: Height: 5'9 (176cm) // Weight: 90kg - 198lbs

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Prancha JS BLAK BOX 2 Round Tail - Color 2016::16P
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