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Prancha Surf JS FLYING PONY Squash Tail - White

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Option of color choice of plugs and logo limited to existing stock. Get in touch with us to choose color of plugs and logo. Otherwise it will be sent randomly.

The Flying Pony is a progression on the original Pier and Show Pony.

Re-distributed the volume of the Flying Pony, adding more foam under chest to give you even better paddling speed and reducing the tail area with double flyer?s to give you more drive and release. It has a flatter deck, a slight down rail to maintain sensitivity, a deep single concave under the chest which runs into a slight double concave through the fins and finishes with a light rolled vee out of the tail.

Flying Pony comes standard with a 5 fin set up so you can ride it as a thruster or a quad. Flying Pony is designed for you to enjoy even the poorest conditions and will take your small wave surfing to the next level.
669,00 €
Prancha JS FLYING PONY Squash Tail - White 2017::17P
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