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Skate Globe PAISLEY FIBERCARVE 29.5" Natural/Paisley

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Cruiser Skateboards
Colour: Natural Paisley
Globe's Fibercarve construction
Super thin, light-weight, mini surf style cruiser with a fiberglass and maple sandwich construction, diamond stringer and clear broadcast tape
Concave: convex deck from nose to tail with mellow concave from side to side
Trucks: 5.25" slant
Wheels: 59mm 83a
Width: 7.5"
Length: 29.5"

Size Guide:
Skate Cruiser
Width: 7.5"
Length: 29.5"

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Preço Especial: 126,00 €

Skate Globe PAISLEY FIBERCARVE 29.5" Natural/Paisley 2016::16O
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